Terms & Conditions

Dastdesigns hereafter as Dast or Dast, the customer (you/You) hereafter as the user, customer or you.

Private plan and company plan:
The hiring of the particular plan carries out the management of maintenance and positioning so it will require data of access to its Web page (in special admin of WordPress) and plan Company in addition to the above the management of its plan Hosting, we take care To provide you with all the data. This plan involves a subscription via PayPal of 10 €/month or 15 €/month for each service you have with us, can be cancelled at any time, either canceling the subscription of PayPal [explained in the privacy policy] or through our mail Electronic info@dastdesigns.com.

The customer can contact the support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our online chat, either for technical support data or Web updates.

Web Design
All our designs are made in WordPress.

When the customer hires the web design service, after the budget, Dast balances a budget for your ideal Web, you choose to accept it or not. After the acceptance of the client, it must be made the payment or part of it, then proceeds to make the web design, once finished and to the taste of the client, it must be delivered the last part of the payment if it is not paid previously , at that time it is delivered to its respective owner.

If you have the particular plan the company plan, we will take care of installing and configuring it for your website.


Payments will only be accepted via Paypal (Credit/debit card), bank account or Paysafecard.

To automatically enable it can only be done from Paypal.