Pricacy policy

Who we are
DastDesigns ( from now on as Dast or Dast, we are a company created by several members of the computer sector (design and WEB positioning) in addition to graphic design, we process everything over the Internet, we do not have a company or A physical location.

What personal data we collect and why we collect them
In our “Budget” form, we collect data such as your name, email, mobile phone, personal information about your products, passwords and cookies.

All these data are compiled to improve the experience with us, as well as make it simpler and bearable our agreement.

All information is stored in our emails by sending a form from our site.

If you want this data to be eliminated from our power, send an email to the following email (we will delete the data from the email we have received).

Incentive: We could acquire your location and browser in our chat without you start it, so we can secure the language and software you are using in case you start a chat with us.

Contact forms
Dast uses contact forms to obtain customer data for technical purposes, we will never use that information to send it to third parties, much less for lucrative purposes.

The only cookies we have are generated by our chat, you get the information of your location and your browser to improve the experience with you, this information is eliminated when you close our website, if you start a conversation can Keep This information the time it takes to solve the problem, then immediately it is eliminated.

Our service provider can store analytical data anonymously, in terms of collecting global data about locations and users who have entered the Web at some point, this will be shown as general numbers, otherwise: if you Enter our website, the visit will be saved and added to the total number of people who entered from the same region/country.

Who we share your data with
Dast does not share data with third parties, this information is shared with Dast and the user itself, we will not share information to another account or user if this does not notify previously.

How long we keep your data
Dast keeps your data permanently, until you finish your services with us, in which case it will be eliminated any information pertaining to you with us, can be eliminated at any time at the user’s request, that information is It will use to improve the service with you and be able to offer a better disposition.

What rights you have about your data
You can order an export file of all the data we have from you, you can also delete your data whenever you want.

This does not include any data that we are obliged to retain for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Where we send your data
Your data are exclusively sent to our emails, without passing before or after by third parties.

Your contact information
For any legal question do not hesitate to contact us at, Responsable David Gallardo (

More information
We can collect personal data, such as passwords and access to your services, sent to contract our recommended plan, these data can be eliminated after your request immediately and therefore the cancellation of the recommended plan.

How we protect your data
Dast does not share information, has encryption in emails.

What procedures we use against data gaps
We’ll process all legal ways to eliminate the data obtained by third parties.