Frequently Asked questions

DastDesings offers a web design service under budget, you can ask your budget for your website in “Budget” menu.

Indicates the steps you are asked to
Immediately our team starts to guarantee you a tailor-made website at the lowest price and with the best possible quality.
We offer you better ideas if they are necessary and we carry them out with your approval.
If you accept our budget, we will immediately enclose an invoice (via PayPal) of the product we are going to make.
Once paid, we get to work on it, we will show the results of the creation (on our servers) and its final result will be sent to you, with the deadline that was previously guaranteed by email.
Once the finished design, we would contact you to proceed to import it into your website.
If you have contracted the company plan, then we will get to work and process the hosting for you.
Your website will be finished to your liking, after your satisfaction, we will stay on the stand 24 hours (chat you can find to the left of this screen) if you have any problems or would like to update any content (no need to do so yourself) and of course no additional costs.

Exclusively through PayPal, PayPal also guarantees payment through your bank account or credit/debit card, in which case you must link your account [Read more about linking accounts]

We also accept manual payments via bank transfer and Paysafecard.

Remember what: If you cancel a subscription with us, you will lose your services with us. [Read more about canceling PayPal subscriptions]

We work with WordPress, we attach your web with Elementor PRO in terms of web designs, we also work with PHP, JS, CSS to create systems.

PeekSV’s exclusive Host (more info)

Send us more questions via online chat!